Sheet Music Ukuaru Waltz für Akkordeon

Ukuaru Waltz für Akkordeon
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The piece was written for the 1973 Leida Laius film Ukuaru, in which Aksel (Lembit Ulfsak) enchants Minna (Elle Kull) by playing the waltz, which then becomes a powerful and lasting artistic theme by the end of the film. The original score of the film is intended for an accordion and an accordionist, but in the film the piece is actually played on a concertina. Arvo Pärt made some changes in the rearrangement of the waltz for the piano (2010) but it retained its playful form.

Arvo Pärt’s "Ukuaru valss" is now also available in a version for accordion – arranged by Estonian composer Tauno Aints (2016).