Songs from Childhood

The album Songs from Childhood introduces a selection of children’s songs and piano pieces composed by Arvo Pärt for plays and animations between 1956 and 1970, with close to ten previously unreleased pieces.

Children’s Music Studio of Estonian Radio
Instrumental ensemble
Kadri Hunt, conductor

Product Description
Label: Estonian Public Broadcasting, Arvo Pärt Centre, Children’s Music Studio of Estonian Radio – ERRCD0028
Country: Estonia
Released: 6 Oct 2015
Format: CD
Discs: 1
Booklet: 60 pages
Duration: 54' 55’'

Instrumental arrangements – Tauno Aints
Recording and mastering – Teet Kehlman
Layout – Kalle Toompere
Illustrations – Roberta Laas
Liner Notes (Estonian) – Kristina Kõrver
Liner Notes (English Translation) – Adam Cullen
Lyrics (English Translation) – Paul Hillier, Reet Sool
Liner Notes and lyrics (German Translation) – Cornelius Hasselblatt

1 Mina olen juba suur / I Am Already Big00:57
2 Lepatriinu laul / Ladybird's Song01:43
3 Konnad / Frogs01:11
4 Kus viibid, jõuluvana? / Where Are You, Father Christmas?01:43
5 Jõuluvana / Santa Claus01:31
6 Las vihistab / Let the Snow Swish01:51
7 Jaaniussi laul / Firefly's Song01:39
8 Nukul pole nime / The Doll Has No Name01:28
9 Memme musi / Mommy's Kiss01:23
10 Tere, raamat! / The Book01:53
11 Koolitee / Road to School02:25
12 Okasroosike / Sleeping Beauty02:19
13 Väike motoroller / The Little Motor-Scooter01:53
14 Aatomiku laul / The Song of Atom-Boy02:22
15 Suvine valss / Summer Waltz03:15

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