Songs from childhood. Choir parts in English and German (incl. CD)

“Songs from Childhood” contains the choir part for a selection of Arvo Pärt's music for children. The sheet music is an addition to the CD “Songs from Childhood" which provides recordings of all 15 songs in Estonian language. The songs have been composed for plays and animations between 1956 and 1970, with close to ten previously unreleased pieces.

The scores are also available for choir with piano accompaniment.

“Songs from Childhood" has been published in collaboration with the Universal Edition, from where the songs with piano accompaniment are also available in English and in German. 

Product description

Content: 15 songs including 1 piece for solo piano
Publisher: Arvo Pärt Centre
Musical notation: Universal Edition
Illustrations: Roberta Laas
Design: Kalle Toompere
Pages: 32
Format: 24 x 17 cm

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